Who is your future driver?

About Future Driver

Trends show that 50% of our commuting will be made by self driving cars in 2030 and speech/voice interfaces will be the primary form of interaction in the car*. There  has been a lot of focus in removing the driver from the car so we wanted to ask, what does it really mean not to have a human driver in the car? 

We imagined different scenarios where it goes horribly wrong when an AI is the driver. We hope to start a discussion to  answer how do we design the best driving service for self driving cars?
*Data from the Deloitte The Future of Mobility: What's next?

How will an AI driver interact with you?

This video explores interactions between people and an AI driver. What will it be like when you ride alone? Share a car? Get in an accident. Who has control?

How will an AI driver interact with Kids?

This video explores an interaction with a young kid and an AI driver. How do we factor in age when we create the new future driver?

What if your driver follows you everywhere?

We explored the possibility that your AI driver will also be your navigator when you go walking, biking or take public transport. Here the AI makes decisions for you.

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